7 promotion ideas for your home-based craft business this holiday season

7 promotion ideas for your home-based craft business this holiday season

The holidays are here and shopping is in full swing. You shouldn’t let go of this opportunity to help your home-based craft business make record sales. While you may not have the resources of a big-name store, you have your story, and your unique products.

In addition, as a small business, you are more likely to offer high-quality, ethically-sourced products. So, there are a lot of plus points you have for your marketing toolkit. Therefore, you should get on the holiday promotion train, and get as many customers as possible. Here are a few holiday promotion ideas to help you get started.

Tell your story

Your story is important in order to connect with your audience. So, share how you started your craft business, and how you run it from home as a passion project. Also talk about your journey and how you got to where you are as a business.

Make sure you personally connect with your audience in this messaging, and also wish them happy holidays. Share this story across your website and on your other mediums. You can even make a short video addressing your audience and thanking them in advance for their purchases.

Sell holiday-themed products

Offer a line of holiday-themed products especially designed for the season. These should be different from your usual range, whether you change up the colors or add some special design elements. Market these products in a separate section, and also write some fun holiday stories with them.

This will add some quirkiness to your messaging, and also help you stand out from the crowd. Also let people know that there will be limited quantities of your holiday-themed products, so that there is a sense of urgency.

Run holiday email campaigns

An email campaign is an inexpensive and effective way to market your home-based craft business. Use the small business email templates on PosterMyWall to create warm yet effective emails for your audience.

In these emails, highlight your products, any holiday deals you have, and also add personal holiday messages for your readers. Warmth and connection are important in these campaigns in order to get the best results. Also make sure you make the emails easy to navigate and link them to your online store and contact information.

Partner with other small businesses

Work with other home-based businesses to expand your outreach. Find businesses in the area which work well with your own business. Then, run coordinated marketing campaigns with them and also collaborate with them on special holiday products or gift baskets. This will be useful for all of you, and also promote a sense of community.

A mindful audience will love this sort of collaboration and will be more likely to buy the products or gift baskets. So, make sure you target the right audience with this. This will also fit in with the holiday sentiment of love for all, so you’ll be hitting all the right marks.

Participate in local events

There are probably a number of holiday events and fairs going on in your area. So, keep an eye out for them and make sure you participate in as many as possible. Set up a stall at these events, with a selection of your products. Also let people place custom orders for the holidays.

This will also help people put a face to your business and connect with you on a personal level. It will also enable you to make more connections for future orders and opportunities.

Offer deals and discounts

While it may be obvious, deals and discounts are tried and tested holiday marketing ideas. So, you should also offer a few. Of course, you cannot compete with big business prices, but what you have to offer is quality and your story. So, let people know that the discounts you are offering are a little holiday gift from you to show how much you appreciate your customers.

This sort of personal messaging combined with the discounts will appeal to customers, and they will be more likely to place orders with you.

Offer gift packaging and shipping

As many of your products will be sent as gifts, why not cut out all the steps and offer gift packaging and shipping yourself? Give people the option to get their purchases gift wrapped and shipped to their recipients. Add in personal notes to add to the small business appeal, and offer customization as well.

This will be highly appreciated, and people might even cover a lot of their gifting list with you. Make sure you have the logistics and packaging figured out in advance, so that you can fulfill orders effectively. To keep things smooth, let people know they have to give a few weeks advance notice for this option.

In conclusion, there are a number of promotion ideas for your home-based craft business. Most of these hinge on your ability to connect with your audience, so start working on that aspect now!